Gems of Egypt Sphynx-hairless cats and sphynx kittens

Locations in Ohio and Indiana

Our hairless cats

Pearl is a blue mink and white female.

She is a CFA champion.

DOB:  3-12-15

HCM scans:

12-20-15 clear

3-17-17 clear

Sam is a blue mackerel tabby male. 

He is a CFA champion.

DOB:  3-28-16

HCM scans:

4-2-17 clear

Gems of Egypt Sphynx cat
Annie is a torti and white female  
She is a CFA grand champion.
DOB:  2-26-12
HCM scans:
8-10-13 clear
12-13-14 clear
12-20-15 clear
8-1-17 clear
All HCM scans are performed by a certified cardiologist. Copies of scans are available upon request.